Welp, here…finally. Today couldn’t have had more snags. Hence my clever title. (Deal with it, I’m tired). First off, U-Haul gives away our trailer we were going to rent. My Dad spends over an hour looking another, no dice. I call Jamie and ask to use his trailer, which he totally pulls a solid and gets it ready to go and then somehow everything fits. (Sorry, Jamie).

At this point, it’s already 12:30. I wanted to leave between 10-11. My brother came home from UGA to grab some stuff and help us pack. We decide to all go out to eat and to take my brother’s car. “John, where’s the key?”…. After 30 minutes if looking, we decide to take my car. (BTW, John still hasn’t found his key. He might not make it back to school this semester).
At this point, I don’t know why we’re going out to eat, but hey, whatever, I we should do one more meal in Marietta. But O’Charleys? Every time I go there something is wrong. Sure enough, today was no exception. Besides the fact that it was hotter than sha-naynay in there, the food took FOREVER. GOSH!!! I was getting furious.

It finally comes time to leave Marietta, AT 2:15. I almost wanted to wait and leave tomorrow. Atlanta gave me one more little kick in the ass and had traffic backed up two separate times. It was and hour and a half before we were outside of the perimeter on the south end. Screw you, ATL traffic, I will never miss you. We’ll settle this in December.

We had everything in the back of my Dad’s truck tarped in case it rained. This just basically turned into a headache. We stopped four separate times on the highway to tie everything down again. It was REE-DICK-U-LOUS. Because of that, I had to drive like 60mph the whole way. I timed it on my phone, 7 1/2 hours for what is usually a 5 1/2 hour drive. Unloading at the house wasn’t that bad though. Jordan had candles lit and the house was ice cold, just how I like it. She’s a pretty awesome roommate so. We’ve been sitting here watching E!. I’m thankful for all the help my parents gave me. They’re coming back tomorrow from their hotel to help me finish everything up.

I’m so tired right now, but I felt I should set the bar and make sure I update this blog of mine. There we go, Day #1. I’m interested to see what film school is actually like. I know this might not have been as colorfully written as my other, but you people need to shut up and go do something productive. I’m tired.


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