Day 2- An Approaching Storm

On day #2, I woke up late again.  10:30.  Had some oatmeal, hung around, and Macbooked.  Jordan’s friend called and wanted to go see Tropic Thunder, which I was down with.  I had been meaning to see it.  It did not disappoint.  This movie was really out of control.  Usually comedies have a tendency to get dull about halfway through, but because this spoofed an action movie, it was shot fairly well and really kept my attention.  Ben Stiller has a knack for certain types of humor.  This film had tons of different celebrities in it too.  It was great.  Like Zoolander, this movie was a pretty well-thought out premise.  The movie within a movie thing doesn’t come across as cliche, it actually holds up.  It’s completely ridiculous, yes, but it also leapfrogs fast enough past the exposition to keep the pace going.  Robert Downey Jr is just as funny as they say he is.  I’m really glad to see him making a comeback in his career.  As someone who is a bit too young to resonate with his late 80’s/early 90’s films, it’s cool to be able to understand why he was a movie star in the first place.  He completely loses himself in this role.  It almost seems effortless.  Jay Baruchel from Knocked Up was a strong straight-man.  Jack Black is ferocious like always, but his scenes were limited, which I think helped make his jokes all that more potent.  

Ben Stiller is always the straight guy, of course.  In this one, he poses as the action dude who is trying to be taken seriously.  Stiller always makes me laugh with little comedic vignettes.  The flashbacks to his former movies were hilarious.  The movie actually starts out with trailers for each one of the character’s previous works.  Those are great.  Ben Stiller never focuses the movie around himself.  He simply exists as the glue, the confident older brother to keep things in line while all the crazy friends run around and make things funnier. The movie has garnered some negative press from an organization offended by the references of “retards” in the movie.  I think this is misguided.  The movie is actually a subversive lambasting of Hollywood actors who exploit mentally challenged people for roles.  Think about it, every effing time an actor plays someone mentally handicapped, they get praised for such a “strong” and “brave” performance.  The scene they’re taking particular offense to is one where Robert Downey Jr. tells Ben Stiller that, to win an Oscar, you can never go “full retard,” you have to go “half-retard” so the audience can connect with the character.  It’s the total truth though.  

Tom Cruise has a crazy supporting role too.  It’s really out of hand.  Go see it.

After that, my other roommate moved her stuff in.  She has boyfriend issues, so we didn’t see her much.  Jordan planted the “sushi seed,” as I call it, so once that gets in my head, I have to have it.  We went and checked out a place she goes to every now and then and it was good.  Volcano roll and a yellowtail.  Delicious.  I really appreciate Jordan hanging out with me and helping my get to know my way around Tallahassee.  She’s quite independent, so she has a good take on what’s cool and where to go.  

A hurricane is still moving our way.  At the same time, Film School orientation starts Wednesday and lasts the rest of the week.  I haven’t heard a peep about it in over a month, I hope someone else knows what’s going on, cause I don’t even know what time it starts.  There has been a serious lull in communication from the film department.  We have a list-serv, but it’s been quiet recently.  I guess maybe there isn’t much else to say on their end?  I don’t know, but I think the consensus between all of us in the incoming class is that none of us know what’s going on.  This just must be “the quiet before the storm.”  

Film school is hopefully going to be a time to sharpen skills and really zero in on my creative efforts, so to speak.  I’m really starting to get excited about getting in there and kicking ass.  Come on, people, I’M 25.  This is the age.  Make or break.  Jon Velazco and I always talk about how your 20’s seem to make or break you as a person.  Like, by the time you turn 30, you should have accomplished something, or at least laid the foundations for doing something significant.  When I graduate film school, I’ll be 27.  That number seems bigger when you type it.  I don’t feel that way I would have guessed that age would feel.  Jason Reitman directed Thank You For Smoking when he was 27.  Orson Welles made Citizen Kane at 25.  I’m just hoping for a Levitra commercial.


2 Responses to “Day 2- An Approaching Storm”

  1. Well, sir, I’ll be front and center to peep the best damned Levitra commercial ever made. It will be glorious. I’ll keep my fingers crossed the Fay hangs a roger and misses Tallahassee (sp?). Insightful blog posts here; I’ve enjoyed reading them all. With all this technology around us, its almost like you’re gone, but holographic Mike is still here to talk to us and hang around with us even though you’re physically a couple hundred miles away. Thanks facebook, wordpress, skype, and text messaging!

  2. thomas lorne Says:

    hey man… just wandered in via the link on your facebook page…I’m a second year at FSU… nice to see someone keeping a record of their film school experiences… hope yo find the time to keep it up…

    as far as your orientation worries go — I can only tell you what we went through for orientation, because the school is constantly changing (they call it “organic”), but no, it was not us just playing stupid get to know you games… what we had was mostly a crash course in the film business so those without a big film background can kinda get up to speed — they went through the different positions on set – what their responsibilities are, who they report to, etc. ….we covered some technical information i think (not sure if this was the 1st or 2nd week) like how to load a film magazine and how to work the generator truck without blowing yourself up. there was a little bit of “introduce yourself and tell us a bit about your b/g or what you want to do”, but I remember it mostly being “keep your nose to the grindstone” classroom lectures and demonstrations and whatnot.

    but because you guys aren’t going to go through the peer-mentor on-set workshops/drills that we went through when we were in orientation, I don’t know where you’ll go from there… i would have to assume that you will shoot some test film at some point just so you’re not going into your first films completely cold (last year we had drills AND worked on the second years’ films before we started our first film) but who knows…

    and get used to the feeling of not getting a lot of communication from the school… it will be a recurring theme.

    good luck man

    any Q’s, dont be afraid to ask


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