Day 4- Blehhhhhh

Not much to report today.  After I finished my blog last night, I COULD NOT go to sleep.  I kept feeling like total ass.  I guess it was the hamburger I had, no clue.  I barely fell asleep between 4-5AM and then woke up around 10 something.  I still felt like crap.  I made myself throw up around noon and that worked…kinda.  Apparently the Health Center didn’t have my immunization records.  I went over to sort that out and had to get UGA to fax my records over.

Then I came home and slept some more.  That’s about it.  Oh and I bought a toaster oven.  Otherwise, that’s all I got.  Still feel like garbage.  I’m going to try and get some sleep tonight for the big orientation day tomorrow.

Y’all take it easy.


One Response to “Day 4- Blehhhhhh”

  1. Hey bud sorry to hear all that. Cowuch will nurse you back to health. Good luck with the orientation; stick another finger down your throat if you have to to feel better. I’m just kidding; hopefully its a one day thing. I’ve got my fingers crossed! Let us know how everything goes tomorrow…

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