Day 6

Today was another slow one.  I mostly hung around the house and did some cleaning.  I’ve been alone all week.  I did laundry (separated my colors and whites) and even washed my sheets.  I’ve barely even been here a week.  I really wanted to see The Dark Knight again, so I did… for the 6th time.  This is the most I have ever seen a movie in theaters.  I saw Return of the King three times.  For some reason, I keep getting things from Dark Knight every time I go.  The movie is extremely well thought out.  Every character shows up for a specific reason and the actions sequences aren’t just for wow factor, they serve the plot.  As I’m sure many of you know, all the action sequences were filmed in IMAX, or a 70mm format.  This film stock is HUGE compared to normal 35mm on which the majority of movies you see are filmed.  When I started paying attention, particularly when I saw Dark Knight projected at full quality on an IMAX projector, the resolution and detail is really impressive.  Obviously, a normal movie theater has to squeeze the huge sequences onto a 35mm projection, so you can’t capture the full effect, but you can still see a stunning amount of detail.  

Christopher Nolan’s decision to do this was a really great idea… and expensive one.  Shooting on IMAX is really, really expensive.  It also slows the process of filming down all together.  If you’re interested in a little overview of this, check out an article in WIRED I found:

Nolan is a director I deeply enjoy due to his thorough nature.  What I mean by that is, not only is he visually captivating, but his focus is on characters and they are never sensationalized.  The characters serve more purpose than vehicles for dialogue or even eye candy.  They’re not an excuse to get on to the next car chase.  Like Michael Mann’s Heat (one of my personal top ten), every character has a motivation, a reason, and a goal.  I believe that the Dark Knight was as successful as it was largely due to how well executed the entire movie is.  Yes, there was hype, but the movie actually held up under the scrutiny.  It stayed in the top spot for 3 weeks.  Some films are just so well-made that they can’t help but be mainstream.  

Anyway, I spent the latter part of my afternoon in the theater… doing research.  Matt Sanders, our self-appointed MFA Social Chair tried to organize a little get together tonight, but no one seemed to respond.  Not sure who all these new MFA kids are hanging out with.  Matt, Jonathan, Bobby, and I all met and had a sandwich at Jimmy John’s (delicious).  Corey, a fellow MFA writer, came in later on with the new guy, Brian.  We had someone drop out of the program like RIGHT as this week started.  So, the film school literally called Brian on Monday as he was going back to work on his lunch break…BTW, He lives in LA!!!  That takes balls.  He was really nice and hopefully he’ll get settled in soon.

After we ate, Matt, Jonathan, and I walked around the FSU campus.  It is really nice here.  All their facilities are tip-top.  The student center was having some huge free food event and the line snaked in and out of the courtyard.  There must have been 400 people in line.  It was crazy.  It made me feel like I was back in undergrad again, just being around that many students all fired up to be at school.  

We decided to be scholarly and go back to Jonathan’s place to watch some thesis films from past classes.  They were pretty good, a few were NOT.  Each one seemed to offer something either with the way it was shot or how the story was told.  I found myself getting really freaked out again, like I was yesterday.  This surging fight-or-flight feeling comes up.  i just suddenly start to think, “This isn’t for me.  There is no way I can do this. How am I ever going to be good at this?!”  Then, I chill out.  I think about movies that make me happy and inspire me, and I GET OVER IT.

Coming home every night and writing this blog definitely helps too, more so than I even realize.  It helps me organize my thoughts and take an outside look at it.  Once it’s been typed out in front of me, it’s not so much about it.  It’s a story, a scenario.  I can look at all the factors and really wrap my head around why something freaks me out and the proper way to handle it.  I’m also glad that some of you are reading this too.  It helps remind me that there is a world separate from FSU film school.  One that keeps operating, regardless of whether or not I’m writing proper dialogue for a 5-minute short.  Once you take that approach, you realize that this is a work of passion, not necessity.  That I’m doing this because I interested in this, and someone else obviously thought I was good enough to be taught and enriched.  The best thing I can do is get in there, be creative, and finish what I’m doing on time.  Hopefully talent and teaching will take care of the rest… right?


4 Responses to “Day 6”

  1. right.

  2. Nathaniel Says:

    this article about sound in The Dark Knight was a good read…

  3. Amy Harden Says:

    Still here and still reading. 9-10 everyday, YIKES! I bet Houghton Mifflin is looking a whole lot better each day : ) Just kidding.

  4. Jim Emerson, the editor of, has written numerous entries about Dark Knight in his blog.

    I don’t agree with everything he has to say, but he did say something recently ( that kind of stuck with me. He was talking about how the pacing was too aggressive. The shots and scenes didn’t last long enough for us to appreciate or savor them.

    Still love the movie, though.

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