Day 9- Pre-flight check

Looks like all the final preparations have been made.  Tomorrow, it starts.  This time tomorrow, I’ll be done with class… but only cause it’s Monday.  I’ve done my reading, got some highlighters, and started an MFA Google Group at the suggestion of Matt.  We’re ready to roll here.  This waiting is the worst part.

The rain finally stopped. FINALLY.  It’s still cloudy and stormy, but it’s not incessant rain for hours and hours.  Lightning struck about 1/4 mile away while I was filling up my car at the gas station.  Fay has made her point, loud and clear.  She needs to go away now.

Bobby, Matt, Kate, and I decided to drive to find our satellite location for our cinematography class today.  It’s really far away, like a solid 20 minutes.  This access road along the main road looks like a drug deal waiting to happen.  The building is unmarked and could possibly have served as a museum, office building, or even Zordon’s lair in Power Rangers.  For those of you who forgot what Zordon’s lair looked like, here is a helpful link

After that, we stopped by the Asians’ house to see if they wanted to get some Mexican.  That was funny.  I explained that everyone who lived there was Taiwanese, how it looked like an embassy.  Mu-Ming said he’d need to see my passport next time I walked in his living room.  He also said that he had Sex in the City dubbed in Mandarin if I ever got the itch for a girls’ night.  That Mu-Ming, what a kidder.

Mexican was decent.  The little activity pond down the road, Lake Ella, completely flooded and was getting close to the street.  This rain was crazy.  Mu-Ming and Cindy followed us in Cindy’s car.  She just got her license in JULY.  This rain was crazy too.  She handled it like a champ, though.  Mu-Ming and Cindy asked whether they should use their hands to eat a burrito or just stir it all up with the fork.  Matt said it was up to their discretion.  They used a fork.

Other than that, I did some reading, talked to my Mom and pretty much am winding down here.  It’s about 8:30pm right now.  Apparently traffic is NUTS on the first day of class so I’m planning on leaving at 8am for my 9am class.  That’s going to be a change.  I don’t dread that as much as I used to.  Time to start this thing.  The real update will come tomorrow night.

***Editor’s note***  I have no idea what kind of shape I’m going to be in time-wise from here on out.  Hopefully, I’ll still be able to crank out an entry at night.  If not, I’ll definitely try and get to it every other day.  Let’s hope I have time to do it every night.  That will make this a much more communal effort.


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