Day Tennnnnn HUT!!!

I feel like I’ve entered football training camp, just without the football or gatorade or physical benefits of sport… a decent amount of ass slapping, though.

My day started early, I made my lunch, made breakfast, and headed out.  Getting to film school early is nice.  I actually get a decent amount of reading done and am able to refresh myself on the sections I highlighted beforehand (Who am I, a student?).  Emily had a funny quote and mentioned that film school is the only place where she can be 45 minutes early and still not be the first one.  That’s very true.  I’m usually the first one to school.  I just prefer leaving early.

Today’s first class was Producing.  Very interesting stuff, especially finding out what exactly goes into starting a movie project and seeing it through.  We had to form an artificial production company and sift through about 30 of previous student scripts written for Directing 1 projects.  That was fun.  You really find yourself turning into an a-hole producer even just by skimming through and picking out what you like and what you think would make a good movie.  You could ask anyone in the room if they were looking for a script you were passing on.  So, I was like, “Anybody want a dancing script?”  “Anyone want a script about cannibals?”  “Anybody want some teen drama about guys?”  It was fun.  I settled on a very clever one about a kid at a punk rock club begging the bouncer to let him back stage to meet his favorite band.  It turns out, a douchebag radio personality accidentally gave a contest winner drugs and now needs a new kid to stand in, so he picks the kid who is begging to get in.  The kid meets his idols, but under a different name.  It turns out the real kid had won a songwriting contest and was to perform the song on stage.  The kid makes a big speech about what music and art is supposed to be and then goes on stage, but he can’t play.  He makes a pseudo-statement by smashing his guitar and the crowd goes crazy.  It was very subversive and funny.

Lunch was rushed because we had to drive out to the satellite center (The “Torch Light”) where our cinematography class was being held.  We did get some of the other people in our group to eat with us, though.  Beth from Indiana and David from New Mexico.  They’re both really awesome.  By the time the evning rolled around, we were like all sitting together.

  Cine class is in that building I mentioned earlier that looked like it was the Power Ranger’s command center.  Turns out, this place was built by the Allman Bros as a recording studio.  They had hopes of making Tallahassee into a new Nashville or something.  Apparently, Stevie Ray Vaughn tried recording there and called it the “worst place to record,” so that put the nail in that coffin.  FSU has owned it since the mid to late 90’s.  It’s in decent shape, it smells like an old basement.  The sound booths and controls rooms are still there with glass and everything.  There was the little creepy troll door hidden amongst some sound paneling.  I was sitting right in front of it during class, half expected a leprechaun to grab me.  We opened it up, nothing special, but a drain grate was in there and that’s probably where the Allman Bros stuck people they didn’t like.

Cinematography is NO JOKE.  The first half was lecture, the second half was lab.  This is a whole new world to me, because it’s not about cameras, it’s about lighting… of which I know NOTHING about.  We talked for HOURS about lighting and we’ve only scratched the surface.  No, we’ve just taken the plastic coating off the surface.  That will be one of the more challenging classes, for sure.  Maybe no challenging, but labor intensive.  

That class was cram packed, so we got out a tad late, like 6:15, and our third class, “Genres,” started at 7:00pm.  The Torch Light is about 20 minutes away too.  No time to eat.  Genres started at 7:00, and this is the only class that combines tracks 1 and 2.  That was exciting to see the other guys for once.  It also combines us with the BFA kids.  For some reason, there is this growing rift between us and the BFA’s.  I think a few of the MFA’s, myself included, think the BFA’s are a bit mouthy.  The BFA’s have totally picked up on it.  We’re discussing Film Noir and will be watching a movie twice a week.  I don’t like this divide.  Those kids will probably be helping out on our projects, so I don’t want to make them enemies, even if we do laugh about some things.  I’m going to try and extend an olive branch to make sure nothing gets taken to heart.  

We watched the film Act of Violence, a lesser known of the film noirs and probably for good reason.  It was kinda lame, kinda boring, and kinda stupid.  It did spark some serious debate though.  We somehow delved deeply into womens’ issues and the culture of the time.  It was spiraling out of control until, right before class ended, and Clay  dropped en effing knowledge BOMB on everyone about how the appearance of a gun represented a new post-war ideal where violence is everywhere and it can even invade the home with women and children.  It was such a good point that everyone in the room clapped.  Clay gets the game ball today.  That was awesome, Clay.  You drops those truth bombs on us, Clay, drop away.

I got home and, wow, time to go to bed again.  Figured I’d stamp out a blog for the loyal readers.  I’m eating strawberry Frosted Mini Wheats and Kool Aid for dinner.  It’s already 11:30, much later than I’d like my new bedtime to be.  Allison from track 1 told us about the assignments we’d betting in our writing class Thursday.  YEESH.  5 separate things to write.  Kate also told me that the teacher got us to watch The Rock simply so he can rail on it for how bad it is, and apparently so he can rail on Michael Bay in general.  I have a feeling I’ll have to politely “disagree.”  Let’s cut the chit chat, A HOLE!

That does it for me.  I’m not even proofreading this like I usually do, so deal with it.  Have fun with Fay, Atlanta.  Heard she’s been letting it all out on you.  We’ll see what tomorrow brings… besides sleep deprivation.


5 Responses to “Day Tennnnnn HUT!!!”

  1. Nathaniel Says:

    only the 3rd day and the cat is going to be out of the bag…’re a Michael Bay fan….don’t be surprised if the other students look at you differently…

  2. Why yes, Nathaniel, the cat is out of the bag. A Michael Bay fan Michael (Copponex) is. And you can count me in that group as well. You show me one director that is more capable and competent at the action/explosion-y genre and I’ll show you a flying horse. He’s the best. I’m done. Good night.

  3. Give ’em hell Randall!

  4. Amy Harden Says:

    Michael Bay fan indeed! You let’em have it Michael Shannon Copponex.

  5. Nathaniel Says:

    quite an uptight bunch around here…it was just a jovial jab…

    oh….and the answer is James Cameron

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