Looking Back at Sunsets on the Eastside

I’m listening to that Killers’ song right now, so the title jumped at me.

Labor Day seemed to go by very quickly, but I did absolutely nothing interesting.  I read the 106 page script I had to do coverage on.  That took about 1 1/2 hours.  The script was pretty bad.  It revolves around this girl being interrogated in a dank room.  The interrogation scenes don’t really do anything but break apart the three separate stories that are told.  Each story centers around a girl, one of them being the girl being interrogated.  Each one of them falls victim to a vicious attack.  One watches her boyfriend get killed by a terrible highway driver they decided to follow through a shortcut (DUH!), one is attacked by a dude dressed as a clown, and the other is sewn into a mattress along with her boyfriend and her best friend.  Typical nasty horror-thriller stuff.  The third act takes place after the girl in the interrogation room questions the psychiatrist.  Turns out, the dumbass psychiatrist was fooled into coming out here, thinking she was investigating three girls found in a warehouse.  She realizes her files have no official seal on them and then, oh wait, the crazy clown busts through the two-way mirror and kills here.  Wha whaaaaaaa.  The three girls find each other and find that they are childhood friends and that each of their attacks was orchestrated by a crazy kid who liked to kill squirrels and scare them.  Anyway, two get hacked, one makes it out alive.  The end. LAME.  

I’m sure our writing teacher gave it to us on purpose.  In my coverage I wrote about a 2 1/2 page summary and then a 1 1/2 page analysis.  I related the common devices of clowns, crazy nightgown girls, and villains who seem to know EVERY MOVE  character is going to make.  It’s just suspense for the sake of suspense.  No character comes out changed, no character reacts like a normal person, no character serves a purpose rather than to be bait.  I also wrote that youthful audiences would eat it up opening weekend because the script calls for three attractive female leads and, well, horror does well.  I recommended the script but not the writer…

Other than that, we had a screening for writing that we were going to have to watch today anyway, but classes were cancelled.  One of our fellow incoming MFA’s, Jaye (the one who kicked us out of her house, lol) was granted a teaching fellowship for our writing class.  She organized the screening just so we could get it out of the way.  I think that was a good idea.  It was a 90 minute interview with Paul Haggis (writer and sometimes director- Million Dollar Baby, Crash, Flags of Our Fathers, Casino Royale, Quantum of Solace).  It was actually pretty interesting, he has been in the business so long and just now became a big his in late 40’s/ early 50’s.  He worked on The Facts of Life, EZ Streets, Thirty Something, etc.  He has a very sarcastic view of himself and associates failure as being just as important as success.  He talks about how he thinks a lot of his tuff is garbage at first but then it turns out ok.  He’s a little off-kilter, like most writers.  We had a lot of groans in our group because apparently a lot of people hate Paul Haggis’ movies.  But, he did offer some good info.

After that, I find myself writing this blog and finishing up some HW, basically proofreading and printing out things.  Tomorrow starts another week.  Tim Wagy is coming down to visit me on Friday because Western Carolina and FSU are playing this weekend in Tallahassee.  That should be fun, no doubt.  My first friend visit.  I might even have some time to hang out!  Haha.  Actually school has not reached that “critical mass” stage yet.  

I went and picked up some supplies at Wal Mart.  I love getting school supplies- pencils, binders, paper, it’s all so awesome to me.  I guess it represents a blank canvas to me.  Of course, Wal Mart took FOREVER to get out of.  That place is one step away from the DMV.  

I need to get back to finishing up this stuff. It’s going to be midnight before I know it.  I spoke with Randall today and he mentioned that he and some of the guys were hanging out at Jamie’s, not really doing much.  It made me wish I could hang out with them spontaneously.  It’s those times that make you realize the weight of you decisions.  I like school, but not being at home is hard too.  

Talk to you later.

Y’all behave.


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