You’re the Best Around

Back to the grind, people.  I woke up a little later today, around 7:00am or so.  I had to finish typing up a little observation for cine class laster in the day.  We were supposed to sit in a place and observe and comment on the lighting.  I enjoy the oak trees that surround the campus, so I sat near the film building and watched the sun rise from the east.  It was nice, the moss on the trees glows and the limbs make huge shadows, like arms.  That time of day is always golden.  Got a little transcendental there…

Producing was my morning class.  Today we learned how to break down a script, like in pre-production.  We were required to get erasable colored pencils, hence why I was at Wal Mart yesterday.  In a script breakdown, you read through the script, break the pages down into sections by scene, and then underline or mark anything of importance, such as: Characters speaking, props, stunts, set dressing, extras, make-up, fx, etc.  This helps you begin to gauge what all will go into the project.  The producer’s job is to nail down how much money it will take to make the film.  Ultimately, the responsibility falls on them.  We learned the hierarchy of the producing line: Executive Producer, Producer, Associate Producer, Line Producer, Unit Production Manager (UPM), and Production Coordinator.  Each of these people essentially answer to the person above them.  The executive producer heads up the entire project, like, primarily the financing end of it.  A major studio might even hire this person to be in charge of the project.  A Producer is like the project manager.  They stick with the project from beginning to end, hire/fire, and would be the one who accepts the Oscar.  Associate Producer is sometimes a “nebulous” credit.  Maybe they went above and beyond and aided the Producer in something, maybe the writer, or could be just a token title given to the Executive Producer’s son who hung around.  A Line Producer deals with the day to day set operation.  They are the Producer’s right hand man.  They keep things on schedule.  The UPM deals with paperwork, call sheets, contracts, releases and the daily production reports (no, thank you).  And a Production Coordinator is more like an office manager.  They deal with payroll, travel arrangements, etc.  

At lunch, Dade, Jonathan, Dave, Matt, and I all went to a Columbian restaurant on the way to the satellite center.  It was delicious!  I had a chicken burger.  They had an awesome combo of sauces too.  I tasted pineapple for sure.  

Cine was intense today.  Our track has a tendency to ask a lot of questions.  Keith, our teacher, was following rabbit trails all day trying to explain the concepts of lighting and how it works.  We got off into physics and everything.  He had to sit down when we took a break.  It was good, though, very informative.  That’s still the class I know the absolute least about.  We watched a clip from Bladerunner (one of my personal faves, and Keith’s too, he likes the cinematographer).  In the lab section of our class, we broke up into groups and tried out different lighting combos.  My group was assigned to do a 2:1 lighting,

25 year old virgin

25 year old virgin

which basically means you have twice the amount of “footcandles” worth of light on one side of the face as compared to the darker side.  I sat in as a model for a lot of it.  This was hard combo to nail down, and Keith told us that.  We actually did pretty well with it.  Since Matt has been on a real set before, he was able to estimate things.  He took some funny pictures on his iPhone.  


Don't mess with the best

Don't mess with the best





I brought a red bandana to class, because I’m tough.

After cine, Dade, Dave, Matt, and I stopped by Jimmy John’s.  I’m going to have to buy stock in them I go there so much and because, well, they’re delicious.  We made it to Genres with time to spare.  My FSU ID finally started working.  Die to the fact that we have not had time to edit our weekend projects, they cancelled our schedules screening for tomorrow afternoon.  Fortunately, for all of us in Track 2, that means we get like 12:45-7:00 COMPLETELY OFF.  Sucks to be you, Track 1.  I feel bad, they always get the shaft.  Wait, no I don’t.  This will help give me time to edit my project and do some research in the library for “production design.”  He gave us a script and wants us to research the time period to show how we can accurately portray the setting in the script.  For some reason, we can’t use the internet.  What in the world am I supposed to do?  I don’t even know how to use a library, much less know where the one on campus is!!!  

Anyway, I have to get to bed.  I’m still making sure that I don’t get sick.  I feel much better today, though.  And I have a quiz in editing.  SHEESH.  No end… ever.

OK bye.


6 Responses to “You’re the Best Around”

  1. your projects and shit sound interesting yet exhausting. like busy work that’s worth doing because it’s fun. like a book report on sam houston.

    Nice tits.

  2. Hi Michael!! Enjoyed the pictures. It’s great to see your face!! What are you doing up at 3:27 am when you have to get up so early?

  3. just noticed the brewdudes link…thanks mike!

  4. Who is titfucker? Says:

    Gotta be JV…got 2 or TW, need more clues.

    When are you going to post other things, like dates, one night stands, keggers – things normal people do in college. It’s still COLLEGE, doesn’t matter how you slice it.

  5. Have you found anybody in your program that acts like the Comic Book Guy from the Simpsons?

  6. Hey michael,

    Hang in there man, it gets better…I promise. And you’re right there is no end.. EVER.. In fact i’m 5 mins behind, just because I left this message…AHHHH

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