If my stomach was a stock market, then Jimmy John’s would be UP, UP, UP

I love Jimmy Jonn’s, I’ve said it before.  Wagy came down this weekend and had never experienced the magic for himself.  He ended up eating there 3 times in 36 hours.  I full-fledged Tim Wagy endorsement.  I love it.

This weekend was fun.  There wasn’t much in the way of HW so I was able to hang out with Tim the majority of the time he was here.  Friday night, he showed up a little after 11pm (I was falling asleep watching Speed on Blu-Ray).  We headed out to meet up with Matt, Dade, Dave, and some others out at the local hole in the wall, Leon’s.  They have a quite an

Ye Old Thumper

Ye Old Thumper

 assortment of beer.  It looks a little sketch at first glance, but then it kinda reminded me of good ole Johnny McCracken’s back in Marietta.  A good many Track 1 kids were out too.  Jacob, Corey (naturally), Zoila, Allison and Praheme.  Lots of fun had by all.  Tim got a chance to meet everyone and mingle.  He was REALLY excited that this bar had Old Thumper, a beer not seen by many.  Something Wagy found in his journeys in the misty mountains of Tennessee.  You can read more about the beer here:



Turns outs, they only had that one bottle of Thumper in stock and it wasn’t even cold.  Tim pretty much demanded that they give him the bottle and a glass of ice, but the bartender wasn’t having it.  Such a shame, Dave was excited about the Old Thumper.  So, instead, he ordered a Doggystyle.  My knowledge of beer officially ends…. here.

After that, Tim decided he wanted to try Jimmy John’s at 1:30 in the morning, so away we went.  Tim ordered the #9, The Italian, and I was able to make out muffled syllables of “delishthus” and “phenomimull” between bites.  Subsequently, after reading my blog, Jamie texted me from Marietta asking which sandwich I prefer at JJ’s.  Jamie had driven to downtown ATL to find the nearest JJ’s and was standing in line about to order.  I believe his follow up text said: “#9 DELICIOUS.”  

The following morning, Tim and I went out and about to find a place to go eat and hang out.  We were concerned with getting too close to campus due to the FSU/Western Carolina game happening later on that day.  That shouldn’t have been a concern.  No offense, FSU, but you’ve got NOTHING on Athens when it comes to game day.  We literally drove right next to campus, no traffic, and sat down at the Buffalo Wild Wings without a problem.  If that was Athens, it would have been Thursday.  People were tailgating, but I guess I’m used to North Campus in Athens looking like a refugee camp… with TV’s.

We watched Ohio State barely fight off Ohio, which was a little ridiculous.  Buffalo Wild Wings was good.  I always thought their name took about zero thought.  You can’t just combine two restaurants that already exist.  Regardless, their “Asian Zing” flavored wings are delicious.  Our waitress was really good too.  Attentive, but not overbearing.  She did her job well.  You could tell she was a pro… she was pretty good-looking too.  

Tim went to meet his friends for the game and tailgating.  Matt, Cindy, and I got together to rehearse our little acting assignment from two weeks ago.  We haven’t had that class since the first day.  Classes were cancelled last week, so it feels like this class was a year ago.  We have to assign different action verbs to each line of this scene our teacher printed out for us.  I want to say it’s a scene from Sex and the City with some of the names and places changed.  It’s a pretty fun exercise.  I’ve become really interested in performance lately and what all it entails. 

We didn’t work too hard and I ended dozing off on Matt’s couch while he watched the special features on the 1985 Ridley Scott film Legend.  Incredibly dorky, I know.  At least I was asleep.

Later on, we met up with Dade, Dan, Dave, and anyone else’s name who starts with a D at Chili’s.  I know I know, it’s a like a suburban eating tour.  It’s the weekend, we have to de-stress somehow.  From there, we were headed to Dan’s house to watch Bladerunner: The Final Cut on Blu-Ray, one of the five versions I own on blu-ray (Props to Randall).  Tim calls, says his friends ditched him, the storm had postponed the game, and so I went to pick him up.  He was like a prodigal son.  He told Matt and I about how how awesome the Seminole was with a flaming spear on horseback.  Apparently this starts every FSU game.  Then he left the game and went to the local KA house and met some of the brothers.  All he had to do was walk in and say, “Yo, I’m a brother from Western Carolina.”  THREE separate guys had the exact same response.  “Oh shit, man, yeah yeah yeah, come on in, Bud. Let me grab you beer.”  There was no beer to be found and each of them ended their search with an apology to Tim.  This made me laugh a lot.  I sort of understand fraternity culture, but it just amazes me that everyone sticks to the code that strictly.

We went to Dan’s and popped in Bladerunner, but not before a rousing game of HALO and then a viewing of the now-defunked Halo Movie project.  The movie was commissioned to be made and they built all these

Los Angeles, 2019

Los Angeles, 2019

props, such as a working Warthog, machine gun, pistol, etc.  It was awesome!  After the project got canned, they put together a little mini 10 minute movie showing some Spartan soldiers in a battle against the Brutes.  Dude, I’m serious, if they ever made that movie right, it would be awesome.  People who don’t give two craps about Halo would totally’ dig that movie.  The universe is so well thought out and the game is so thoroughly made, all it would take is a director with some vision to make it work.  I volunteered Dan to be that very guy.  Dan, MAKE IT. and I want to be “Guy eaten by the Flood #12.”


Let’s take a minute to talk about Bladerunner on Blu-ray (Whitney, stop reading here).  The scan on this movie is GORGEOUS. You really couldn’t tell what year it was made, aside from a few special effects scenes.  The movie depended on miniatures and sets, NOT CGI.


Tyrell Corporation

Tyrell Corporation

 Gosh, if a movie ever proves that we shouldn’t depend on everything to be done in post, this IS IT.  The landscapes in this movie are simply stunning.  The score by Vangelis made the movie seem classic, but held that depiction of the future from the 80’s that I love so much.  I’ll be honest, I’m not entirely sure I understand the whole plot, even now, but it serves as a film that belongs whole heartedly to the director and the crew he hired.  The vision of the film is massive.  Ridley Scott proves that he is as much a visionary as any director has ever been.  I would like to see more movies made from the Bladerunner universe, to be honest.  The relationship human have with machines, particularly the human replicants in the movie, is a theme that few do well.  The implications of creating technology that surpasses our capabilities is a daunting thing to consider.  The story is rife with questions about humanity and what a checklist of humanity would entail.  Something like Battlestar Galactica does a wonderful job exploring these issues as well.  So if it’s a rainy night and you don’t have anything to do. Popl in Bladerunner and try and digest it all.  It’s confusing but it’s something you and your friends could have a thoughtful conversation about.   

It’s late, and I still have to talk about the open auditions we held today at the film school, so I’ll save that for tomorrow.  Hope everyone has a nice week.  

Y’all behave.


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  1. I still love the blogs; FYI: Whitty might skip over your film reviews/technical specs but I LOVE that stuff. My favorite things to read. Keep it up. And Michael Bay rules.


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