Major Tom to Ground Control

September 21st, people.  Well into my mission.  Yes, the blog was on a bit of a reprieve there for a few days. It seems to be the consensus that this week was very draining for everyone.  I don’t feel like I had more work, but I felt like I was working harder… maybe?  Not sure.

Friday night it caught up with me just how tired I was.  Bobby had a bunch of people over but I wasn’t feeling up to it.  I went to Dan’s place instead and then more and more people starting showing up there.  It was nice to sit around and not be in class.  We are in so much class, it’s ridiculous.  All we talk about is class, though.  There is no escaping film school… it follows you!  Bru ha ha ha ha ha!!!

I know I haven’t reached “critical mass” yet, but I do feel better about completely being able to handle anything that has been thrown at me so far.  For these first few weeks, I was living under this guise that film school is so insane that I’ll barely be able to hold on.  Not so.  It’s been busy and it demands a lot of you, but I’m proud that I can confidently do my assignments knowing that I’m totally in control.  Certainly, come of the students in our group have had a slightly more difficult experience, but as far as I am concerned, I’m very pleased with my performance so far. I truly believe I’m on a path that was laid out for me.  With that in mind, it gives me peace to know I’m where I should be.

A few of us saw Burn After Reading yesterday afternoon.  Ehhhh, wasn’t feeling it.  it was Coen Brothers material for sure, but it wasn’t funny enough or dark enough or something.  Can’t put my finger on it.  I think all of us thought the same thing.  Later on, we went to watch the FSU game at this pizza place a little ways out from town. It’s only like a 15 minute drive but people were like, “OMG! Where IS this place?!”  I just laughed.  I’m from Atlanta guys, a 15 minute drive is a blessing.  But it was worth it.  Rummy’s Pizza, I think it was called.  I talked to our waitress before everyone got there and she mentioned that her Dad had just moved to Roswell with his new wife. “I live 5 minutes from Roswell!”  I’ve met a lot of people who sort of know about where I live or have family there.  Neato.

We’re steadily grinding toward being on set for our D1 projects.  I think everyone is a little concerned about actually being on set to film something for real with no guidance.  I just have this scenario in my head where we show up to whatever location we’re shooting and everyone just goes, “Uhhhhhhhh. I guess we need to, uh, set up some light and power… maybe.”  Hahaha, oh man, it’s going to be an experience.  

I broke down and got my hair cut yesterday.  I really was itching to, but I tried to convince my self to hold out.  For years I keep swearing to grow out my hair just to see how it would look or how long I could get it.  But yeah, Mom was right.  I just don’t look very good with long hair.  See, my hair doesn’t grow long, it grow OUT.  It gets huge and puffy.  The other night I was in the bathroom and I combed it out into a total whiteboy fro.  I couldn’t believe it.  I’m not that guy, either, you know, the whiteboy fro friend.  Nope, not at all.  So, I have always passed this place near my house called “Haute Heads Salon.”  It reminds me of 3-13 back home.  Seems trendy enough.  I don’t go to barbers, never have.  That sounds pretentious, I know.  My Mom has always taken me to salons to get my hair cut instead of a barber.  Truthfully, people know what they’re doing at salons.  I like the result.  Most of my life people have said I always look put together and clean cut. Well, spend a little more money and get a nice hair cut.  So, I called up Haute Heads and they got me an appointment.  Ashley was my “stylist.”  She’s from Cairo, GA.  Wayyyyyy south Georgia.  It’s like a 35 minute drive from Tallahassee, so she spends most of her time here.  She did a great job.  I was amazed at how much hair was falling off.  It felt SO MUCH BETTER.  GOSH.  Check out the results.

Nice... Nice

Nice... Nice

I’ve been writing this blog for a few days.  I can’t seem to find the time to finish it.  I’m in the middle of watching Heroes right now and it’s getting pretty crazy.  Of course.  I do think this show has a tough time trying to raise the stakes every season since they started out with the ENTIRE WORLD being at stake.  Come on.  Every time they try and act like the whole world is in danger I just don’t care.  

I need to finish this episode and go to bed. I promise to get back on blog schedule this week.  

Oh, we watched Back to the Future last night at Dan’s place.  It was like 13 of us there.  I can’t even explain how fun it was.  The atmosphere was just perfect for it.  That movie still holds up perfectly.  Every joke, every effect, every line was jut spot-on.  If you haven’t watched it recently, do it.  That is one of the movies that makes me want to make movies.  Period.  

Y’all behave.  I’m tired of typing.


2 Responses to “Major Tom to Ground Control”

  1. so I was watching the Departed and there was a moment where Scorsese needed to establish a new location so he used 3 still shots to set it up….reminded me of that first project you had to do….

    and I wouldn’t call Doc and Marty standing in a trail of fire “perfect,” but that film really is pure Hollywood bliss…

  2. Like the hair cut Mike! I was thinking just this week-end about the time you were at Kit’s with a bunch of your friends and announced that you had a hair appt. I believe you said the room exploded in laughter and there were people rolling on the floor. Yeah, just one of those many happy memories I have of you!! It still makes me laugh!

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