The eye of the storm

Tomorrow is the last day of crew drills and I’ll have a moment to stop my head from spinning.  This week has been RELENTLESS.  I learned a ton but it wasn’t easy by any means.

I’ll write later in the weekend, but I wanted to post the video for that “Super Villain” application that Dan and Jacob had me perform in for the Dr. Horrible blog.  It turned out to be pretty hilarious, I think.  They had a cut out a lot of footgae because it was supposed to be under 3 minutes.  I think they’re making an extended version sometime soon, but here it is:


2 Responses to “The eye of the storm”

  1. I LOVED IT! I laughed…I cried…and then I watched it again. A++

  2. Carrie Elwes Says:

    Are you serious? You’re going to update this thing only twice a week?

    1. Unacceptable
    B. I don’t care how busy you are, we are all busy, but find time to click on your site to read.

    Possible writing themes include but are not limited to:
    “I ate ___ today, it was good, I unbuttoned my shirt and rubbed my belly button in a counter clockwise motion, it helps digestion”

    “I saw _____ last night, it was a fun, family filmed adventure worthy of your $8 dollars because ___”

    “FSU/my awesome film school friends/Delores the Publix cashier rule because ____ and later we are going to eat _____ and I’m going to drink 14 Code Red MOUNTAIN DEWS”


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