News from the front lines



Ok, first off, producing blows.  I ignorantly listed producing as “second” on my list when entering film school.  Thought about it: OUT.  Too much paperwork with too many details that I’m bad at remembering.  I’m producing here in the first cycle of D1 projects.  This is actually a good thing, because it’ll be nice to get it over with.  I feel like I spend hours a day but don’t ever feel accomplished.  There isn’t anything tangible, minus some paperwork stuff.  Calling people isn’t fun and tracking down signatures isn’t fun.

I’m producing for Akil, which is a blessing.  I think some other people are having a much harder time producing for their respective directors.  We’re using Akil’s family office for our location.  That cut out the whole “location hunt,” THANK GOD.  Mostly, I just don’t like paperwork, and I’m probably being a sissy.

On another note, I finished up crew drills last week.  That was one of the craziest weeks ever.  It SUCKED SUCKED SUCKED on some days, but other days were great.  I certainly don’t like every job on set.  I was the last person scheduled to direct my drill for the week.  Man, I LOVE DIRECTING.  Kate was my producer and was able to score me about 8 volunteers.  They served as stand-ins for all the parts I was thinking of having for my actual shoot in November.  We only got four hours, but it went so WELL.  I was loving every second of it.  I designed a long tracking shot that moved in to reveal some action and then moved out to reveal some more.  That probably wasn’t the best way to describe it, but hopefully one day I can post the dailies on here to show you what I mean.  The second-years said I did a really good job and that I looked like I was having an awesome time.  I really appreciated it.  I’m super excited about my actual shoot in November.  I also might have some of the guys come down for Atlanta to help out on set.  It’s going to be KICKASS!!!

We start going on set this Friday.  Once that starts, it’s on.  We don’t let up for 5 weeks straight.  It’ll be tiring, but a good time.  I’m a little concerned about being the Best Boy Electric.  You know, don’t want to blow up anyone.

I’m sorry I can’t seem to post on here as often as I’d like.  School is quite demanding, and I’ll have some serious recaps and COMPLAINTS here soon.

I saw Body of Lies this weekend.  Not so bad.  Pretty typical.  Not groundbreaking.

I’ll post some pics below of the recent film school exploits:


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