Allow me to reintroduce myself

Hello Kids,

If any of you are still out there, I’d much like to rekindle our friendship. Upon looking back, I realized that the blog had gone dormant for what is going on a year now. May 2nd, 2009 was the last time I made an entry. I know that a lot can happen in year, and the last year, particularly the latter half of 2009 was the most eventful time of my life. Hence, the absence on the blog.

Instead of recapping all the details, I can tell you what exists now in the present.

1. I have a lovely girlfriend of 6 months, Kiera. She’s extraordinarily creative and smart and I have such a wonderful connection with her. She actually co-wrote my–

2. –thesis film that we just finished shooting on April 13th. It was a smartass comedy about sorority girls and their attempts to win a video contest. We had such a blast. It was the culmination of my film school experience and now I will spend the summer preparing it for festivals and such. It was certainly not the movie I planned on making in film school, but I’m so glad I did. It was a wonderful use of my talents and interests, particularly in comedy. I’ll post some screen shots from it later but my external hard drive is at Kiera’s house with all the shots on it. If you’re friends with me on Facebook, you can see them.

3. I live alone now. That has been a great experience as well. My apartment is far too expensive, but I have proved to myself that I’m not a lonely person and I really enjoy cooking.

4. I’ve also become a firm believer in the RED ONE HD camera platform. I shot my thesis as well as my summer ’09 project Ice Creamageddon” with it last July. It has the most bang for the buck in my opinion. No, it’s not film. But for those of us who might have the resources to experiment or use film, the image quality is undeniable. Yes, it takes some of the craftsmanship out of the DP’ing process, but honestly, unless you’re doing major motion picture stuff, who cares? I also enjoy the fact that I feel confident enough to DP a project on my own with it, should that opportunity arise. But I’m not trying to be a DP. Some people have moved to the RED as their weapon of choice, like Steven Soderbergh. The Informant and Che were both shot on the RED. Other movies include Knowing, The Book of Eli, and District 9. It has it’s downfalls, but it also has its advantages. I’ll be talking about it much more in the future.

5. I still love movies. My opinion of them hasn’t changed. Now, after nearly two years of film school, I still find them magical and I anxiously await movies like IronMan 2 and Inception.

I’d also like to just start the blogging process in general. I don’t want this to be about film school because that’s what made me lose interest in the first place. I’m just going to speak and if you want to respond, please do. I don’t know what the future holds or where I’ll be this fall, but I do know that film school has afforded me the chance to do things I would have never done before.

More to come. I’m back, baby.


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