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Day 1- 8/16/08

Posted in FSU, Jake, Olympics, Parents, Publix, Skype, Tallahassee on August 17, 2008 by thenexman

Wellllllll, let’s see here:

Woke up late, let’s say 10:30-ish. My parents came over and we started finishing up the things that needed to be assembled: My desk, shelves, closet stuff, etc. I wasn’t hungry last night and didn’t eat dinner. I started losing concentration and it was time to eat. On the Border: delicious. Ranch/bacon fajitas. YUH, you read that right.

Wal-Mart came next. A total shitshow as always. That place is always a zoo Got half my groceries and some last minute things. My parents are pretty much A+ and kept buying things for me.

On a side note, I have left my beloved Night Panther (my BMW) in Marietta and am now driving the Pathfinder. I hated to leave her, but it was necessary. Friday might have been the last day time I will have driven her.

Came back, finished up and my parents left. That was actually when things dawned on me. My parents leaving meant that I was now in a new situation, a new life. My Mom suddenly started crying. She seemed fine the whole day up to that point. She must have been holding it in, a testament to the resilience of a Mom. As much as she hates to see me go, she was also my biggest advocate to apply to film school. She has always been my biggest fan by miles and miles. The older you get, the more kickass you realize your parents are. I truly felt empathy for her in that she was not only moving me to Tallahassee, but that both my parents had just moved my brother in at UGA the weekend before. in one week, my Mom was losing both her sons to maturity. My Dad never hesitates to help me stay financially sound in any stage of life. That’s just what parents do. you are their investment, their crop. So, it’s up to you not to be an asshole and make sure you yield something decent for them to be proud of. My Mom and Dad only ask me to make something of myself, nothing else. They consider themselves to be the platform from which I can launch any dream or desire I have. For that, I will forever be indebted. I love you, Mom and Dad.

The afternoon and evening slowly glided by. Jordan went to work. Her awesome dog, Jake, and I hung out and talked about politics. We watched the live forum with Obama and McCain. Jake liked Obama’s energy purposal, but I wasn’t so convinced. I downloaded Skype and used that for the first time. Kit and I talked on video for about 20 minutes. That was really awesome. It had only two days since I last saw him, but it was really cool to be able to see his house and yell at his cat through the computer. Then, in typical Kit fashion, he figured out a way to use Skype on his Blackberry and was walking around with a live webcam of me in his cul-de-sac. Hilarious.

A part of me began to worry. I began to worry about a day where this sort of thing might fade away. Would I suddenly find myself not wanting to go home one day? Would there be a day where I’d only want to hang out with my friends I met in grad school? After a brief second, the answer was NEVER. Undergrad did nothing but strengthen a bond with friends I had only begun to know. There is always time to meet new friends, but there isn’t always time to prove friendship. Someone I meet in the next few weeks is someone who is 2,3,4,5 maybe 10, 15 years behind the friends i already have… and that is a comforting thought. I don’t care how far away I am. It’s easier now than it has ever been to stay involved with peoples’ lives and it would be no ones fault but mine.

Anyone reading this who has kept in touch and plans on doing so, thank you. I don’t see it as being any different than if I were still living there. Hopefully, even when school starts, I’ll have a second or two to text you back and write a little entry on this site. Scratch that, I will make it a point to have a second to do so.

Orientation starts Wednesday and from what I can gather, it lasts thru Friday. Not exaclty sure what we’re going to be doing for 3 days. I hope it’s not like stupid “getting to know you” exercises where we have a page of questions and have to find a person in the room with a last name that rhymes with zucchini. I almost feel like we’re going to have to prove our worth somehow and perform tasks like the Apprentice. Amarosa I am NOT. Anyway, we’ll see.

The house where I live is in such a good location. A Publix literally connects with my neighborhood, which is great, because I HATE KROGER. I never want to go there again. There is also a tanning salon in the same shopping center. I realized today how spoiled I’ve been with free tanning. Not that I even did it that much, but it was nice to never be disgustingly white. So, I might find myself asking for a price sheet this week… I mean, I still have a bottle of lotion I have to finish. Well, I guess I’ve thoroughly gayified myself now. Great. And now something to de-gay me: There are hot chicks everywhere down here. Much like the blessed city of Athens, FSU is a beautiful place.

How bout that Michael Phelps? I heard him say he got over 7,300 friend requests on Facebook and has just stopped confirming them. Crazy. That Jamaican dude destroyed the 100m dash record too. He could have knocked off another 1/10 of a second if he hadn’t been hot-dogging it there in the last 15 meters. I really want to try and go to the London Olympics in 2012. For some reason I never care about the Olympics until they’re on and i get all fired up. Maybe it’s the memories of the Atlanta ones. I wish I had been a tad older to appreciate those being in my home city a little more. I have a feeling the London games will be rediculously expensive.

Gosh, maybe I should stop typing. Thanks for reading down this far. Thanks for being supportive. Thanks for being my friend. I don’t ask much with friends, just that you act like you like being friends with me. Good night.

P.S.- For those of you who want my address, I’ve posted it on Facebook.

P.S.S.- I’ve been here a day and I’ve already got a Hurricane to contend with? Well, Fay and I have some issues to sort out. IE, not making the gigantic 100 year old oak tree break a hip and fall on my car…FAY